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"Creativity is a bridge that connects the physical realm of painting with the spiritual realm of the soul, where brushstrokes become whispers of the divine." - Unknown

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Welcome to the world of Unison, where your journey of self-discovery and healing begins. Have you ever asked, "Why does that always happen to me?" or simply wondered, "Why me?" If so, look no further because Unison holds the answers you seek.

We harbor intense emotions that resonate across various timelines deep within us, both consciously and unconsciously. We are vessels, conduits for the experiences of our other selves in different dimensions. The process of awakening is intertwined with the vast multiverse, and it guides us to transcend our individuality and embrace unity.

If you find yourself trapped in the repetitive patterns of your emotions, it's time to embark on a journey of self-compassion and support. Unison offers a transformative technique through its enchanting paintings, carefully channeled to create a passage for healing.

Observe the paintings before and then let your intuition guide you from one emotion to another. Which one speaks to your soul? Choose the artwork that resonates with you, and allow it to ignite your healing journey. Immerse yourself in its presence, bask in the aromatic blend specially crafted to enhance your experience, listen to the harmonious melodies that accompany each painting, or meditate with the artwork to awaken your soul in every dimension it exists.

Should you desire to delve even deeper into the depths of your emotional journey, Unison offers personalized paintings tailored to your unique essence, Soul Painting. These extraordinary artworks serve as gateways to profound self-discovery and timeline healing. Contact us now to receive your own customized masterpiece:


Embrace the joy that awaits you on this transformative path. May it illuminate your every step and fill your life with endless possibilities. Welcome to Unison, where healing and artistic expression intertwine to create a symphony of self-discovery.



The Unison: A Harmonious Fusion of Art and Spirituality

Welcome to The Unison, a captivating series of art exhibitions that will transport you on a profound spiritual journey. Within this collection, you will encounter a tapestry of eight exquisite artworks, each holding a unique theme and message. These paintings serve as bridges that transcend time, creating a transformative passage that harmonizes diverse soul fragments within higher frequencies.

At the core of each painting lies a dual-layered essence. The first layer invites you to initiate a profound connection with the artwork's emotional theme, immersing yourself in its depths. The second layer unveils a healing corridor, guiding you on a transformative path. As you embark on this healing journey and traverse through the eight paintings, a magnificent alchemy takes place. The related soul fragments converge, merging into a unified whole, elevating your vibrational frequency and expanding your consciousness.

The Channeling Journey: An Enigmatic Ritual

The creation of these paintings is no ordinary endeavor; it is a sacred channeling process. Every stroke, every color, and every brushstroke has been meticulously guided by a specific ritual. Each artwork was channeled at an astrologically opportune moment, where the veils between timelines grow translucent, granting us a glimpse into different lifetimes simultaneously.

Through this profound channeling journey, the paintings become vessels of timeless wisdom and transcendental energy. They offer a gateway for you to explore and experience the interconnected tapestry of existence. As you engage with these divinely orchestrated creations, you partake in an enchanting dance with the past, present, and future, fostering profound healing and spiritual growth.

Join us on this transcendent pilgrimage, where art and spirituality merge in perfect harmony. The Unison awaits, eager to guide you towards the awakening of your truest self and the boundless expansion of your soul.


march 2023 exhibition.

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